Help Your Brain Out By Naming Things Right

What's in a name? Turns out everything.

Interestingly I've had so many conversations this week about why naming things is so important. It all started with Danny Hatcher last weekend when we were talking about using plan language to describe the notes he was taking.

👉 Capture notes for capturing quick thoughts.

👉 Processing notes for anything that needs to be processed.

👉 Working notes for anything that is a work in progress.

There's no complicated jargon, just simple plain language.

Then yesterday I awoke to another conversation with a couple of my girls on Yak about how a simple name change to a Notion workspace changed everything.

Name are an important indicator for our brain to know what it should be doing at any given moment.

When I was finalising Consumer 2 Creator Lab I had a section on the page that was called 'CONSUME.' I hated it. Because the intention of the lab is never to just consume content, but I couldn't find anything better so I sat with it for a while until I landed on ENGAGE. That is the position I wanted to be in when I am reading or listening or watching content.

Everything that I name is named with intent - so my brain knows what I should be doing...

My tasks are in my ACTION ZONE

Each task is either an UPHILL TASK or a DOWNHILL TASK

I write my essays in my CREATION HUB

I consume content in my GROWTH HUB

I process all my notes in the PLAYGROUND

And I can jump around quickly because my brain slots into where it should be at any given time.

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