Have We Stumbled On Our Very Own Wonderland?

Have We Stumbled On Our Very Own Wonderland?

Do you ever have days where you feel like Alice? Chasing rabbit holes & talking to Cheshire cats?

When I was young I would read books of faraway lands, secret doors to new worlds, rabbit holes that you could slip down and end up being in a completely different world.

Little did I know that I'd grow up to have my very own magic wardrobe that would open up to a land full of wonder anytime I liked.

It's called the internet.

And whenever I'm feeling bored, or sad, or lonely I can simply open up my phone and be whisked away to faraway lands and a world full of wonder and infinite possibilities.

In fact just last week I sat in my apartment in Sydney chatting away to friends in Peru, New York, Washington, Germany, England, and more. All I had to do was open my phone and enter into this wonderland.

This land isn't governed by normal worldly rules. It's a world of infinite scale. Where you can hit publish once and have hundreds of thousands of people see your thoughts. No traveling, no hiring stadiums, or even printing books. Just fingers to keys and hitting publish.

Tell me we are not living in a wonderland.

I literally wake up every day and feel so grateful to be living today in the year 2021. Despite everything that is going on in our real world, we get to escape down the rabbit hole into a wonderland and make our dreams come true.

It'd be a shame to miss out on that. Are you ready to enter?

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