Have We Been Fooled Into The 10x Growth Myth?

Would you rather 10x growth or consistent daily growth?

The Internet is a wild place where one day you are minding your own business and the next you are exploding because someone retweeted you or shared your product or wrote something about your company. But we have to remind ourselves that those moments are the exception and not the rule.

Twitter (and life for that matter) can be a place, where if we're not careful we can hero-ify the few people who grow exponentially and forget that the majority of people - the real heroes in my eyes - are just showing up every day and enjoying consistent growth.

10x isn't magic. Daily Consistency is where the real magic lies.

The natural world works on consistency not 10x. Is a gum tree searching for the quickest way to hack it's growth? No. It's just trusting the process. Enjoying the sunshine and the rain and over time it grows into a tree that no one can remove.

What nobody tells you is that 10x Growth comes with some downsides. For one, It doesn't allow you to make the connections to the growth as consistent growth does. You hear it constantly with people who win the lottery, usually in a couple of years they are back in even worse debt because they don't have the behaviour to sustain that kind of money.

Rather than spending our whole lives searching for elusive 10x hacks or advantages, spend your time working on consistent daily growth that will eventually turn into 10x, 100x, and 1000x growth. And every now and then you might be rewarded by an internet 10x moment.

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