Get Clubhouse Event Reminders in Notion

Get Clubhouse Event Reminders in Notion

Recently I joined the phenomenon that is Clubhouse.

For something that was hyped so much, I was a little underwhelmed when I got 'in.' I didn't really find any discussions that interested me. But the more I have followed people (mostly from other networks), the more interesting rooms I've found to join.

But who has time to be sitting on clubhouse all day looking for rooms to join? I don't. I have a job. But there are rooms that come up that I think that looks interesting, I'd love to join that conversation. But inevitably I forget about it in the busy-ness of life and I miss it. Sure, I could go adding Clubhouse rooms to my calendar, but are they really that important? They are kind of an in between event that would be nice to attend, but not important enough to calendar.

I needed a solution. So, in true Ev fashion, I created a Notion database 🤪

I call it my 'JOIN LIVE' Database and it's grown from just clubhouse to now any event I want to make sure I join live - webinars, Youtube lives, course live calls.

Here's how it works...

As I'm browsing Clubhouse or Youtube or Twitter or get an email about a webinar. I use the Notion web clipper or the IOS Notion Share button to save the link into my Join Live Database.


Once saved I click on view in Notion. I fill in a couple of quick details

  • What is it?
  • Status (Incoming, Upcoming or Past)
  • Date


Once I've filled those in I use the date field to set myself a reminder at the time the live event is happening. And BOOM! I'm getting reminders to join clubhouse chats and ACTUALLY joining them.

I use the gamechanger word WAY too much, but honestly this has worked for me. Notion pops up a reminder and all I have to do is click on the link in the record to get straight into that room.

It's also great for webinars or YouTube Lives. I often sign up for webinars and then completely miss them. I don't regularly check my email throughout the day so I don't tend to see reminders. But now, Notion just reminds me and I can click the link and join.

Of course the database doesn't just sit on it's own. I implemented into my Knowledge hub so I can see all the live events that are coming up in the context of everything else I am consuming.


If you're keen to make the most of clubhouse or any live webinar or event - this is a great way to do it. If you want some other fun ideas about how to use Notion you should come over and join the party on Twitter.

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