Five Weird Things I Do To Prepare For A New Year

Five Weird Things I Do To Prepare For A New Year

I love this time between Christmas and New Year.

It's always so full of hope. It's quiet and gives me time to think, plan & dream for the new year. And like everyone I'm thinking about goals I want to accomplish, creating concrete plans of reaching those goals.

But I've also picked up some unusual habits as I prepare for a new year:

I Start A New Playlist. Since 2020 I've created a new playlist each year to toss all my favourite songs from that year into as I discover them. It's like my own private Spotify Unwrapped as I look back at what songs inspired me throughout the year.

I Choose A New Filter. I like filters, so sue me. Each year I choose a new Lightroom filter to use on my Instagram for that year. It keeps the look of my feed consistent and above all makes me feel happy.

I Create A New Wallpaper. Each year I start fresh with a new wallpaper for my phone. I take my word of the year and use Canva to create a phone wallpaper that I can use for the year. This helps to keep my word fresh in my mind constantly.

I Create A New Notebook Cover. Each year I create a new notebook in Goodnotes on my iPad. This becomes my everyday notebook when I'm not using an app like Tana or Goodnotes, this is my catch all for everything else.

I Create Space. I like to start my year with a clean deck. So I set about clearing out my fridge, my pantry, my downloads folder, my wardrobe & my head. Starting on January 1st with space means everything to me.

What about you? What strange habits or rituals do you do each new year?

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 30th December 2022 in Personal Operations