Five Topics To Focus My Curiosity On In The New Year

Five Topics To Focus My Curiosity On In The New Year

I'm a sucker for a good internet rabbit hole.

Which is why I choose a few topics each year to focus my interests on. Without these core topics to guide what I read & consume, I get overwhelmed with all the things I could learn about.

Here are Five Areas I'm Exploring In 2023:

Breathwork. I did a short breathwork course in 2021 that had a powerful impact on me. Before this, I had been a meditator for years. But breathwork connected me deeply to myself more than any other practice I have experienced. I'm keen to keep exploring it.

Thinking Spaces. I'm convinced that we all need an external 'thinking space' where we can explore our interests, test ideas & generally 'think better.' I want to explore all that this means in the coming year.

YouTube. I've been on dabbling with youtube for 2 years and I want to make 2023 the year I go all in. I believe it's a powerful platform for content. Not just fleeting content, but content that lives longer than the attention of a tweet.

Technology, Social Media & It's Impact On Us. This is something I think about a lot (especially making a living on social media & the internet). I want to explore how technology is evolving for us - for good & for bad.

Growing My Own Food. I've had many failed attempts at this, but I want to dive into learning how to grow my own food (especially in a small inner-city apartment). This will be the most challenging of all I think.

In the past, I've balked at setting constraints like this thinking it limits my curiosity & creativity, but all it lead to was overwhelm and 'shallow' exploring. Having a few topics to go deep in really satisfies me.

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