Finding The Sacred In The Everyday

When I start to feel stressed, I take myself on a self-retreat.

About a month ago, I had a long going on at work and I could feel myself on the edge of burnout. I knew I needed to take some time for myself. Usually, I would book into a weekend wellness retreat to get re-charged, but there was no time to wait. So I created my own self-retreat to do at home.

I designed a retreat program of yoga, meditation, and a series of breathwork and food workshops (thank you to youtube).

It was absolutely delightful and bought me out of that stress state and back into awareness. But it also taught me something really important.

Every ordinary moment can be turned into a sacred ritual.

It all starts with intention. I started my first retreat day by making a big jug of lemon and cucumber water. I make lemon water most days. But on my retreat day, I slowed down, I took notice of what I was doing, and I put love and intention into that jug of water.

It felt like a completely different experience. I turned it from an ordinary jug of water into a sacred ritual.

So often we are just rushing through our days, on auto-pilot, hardly even taking notice of what we are doing.

How to turn an ordinary action into a sacred ritual

👉 Slow it down.

👉 Pay attention

👉 Involve all your senses

👉 Be intentional

Next time you're tempted to rush through life, or you're feeling the stress rising. Stop and take a moment to turn that ordinary moment into something sacred. It will make all the difference.

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