Find The People That Bring You To Life With Jeremy Ginn

Find The People That Bring You To Life With Jeremy Ginn

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In this episode, I'm delighted to have my good friend Jeremy Ginn with me. You know those people who you just find an instant connection with? Jeremy is one of those people for me. We first connected through our ship30 family on Twitter and by the time we jumped on a zoom call we felt like we had known each other for years! There's a familiarity and an easiness and when you find people like that you just want to hang around them!

Less than a decade ago, Jeremy was weeks away from divorce when four conversations changed the trajectory of his life. And those conversations are the very reasons he shows up today creating space for people to feel safe & celebrated and to discover their purpose.

Jeremy is launching his brand new podcast called Relationship Renewed where he'll be interviewing some amazing guests and sharing stories of people who have overcome some of the toughest situations. Make sure you go over and follow Jeremy on Twitter for your daily dose of inspiration, encouragement, and joy.

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