Do The Things You're Future Self Will Thank You For

Is it about time you started showing up for your future self?

I find it really easy to show up for other people. If somebody needs me I'll drop everything to help. Often at the expense of myself. But what if I showed up for my future self? That girl who's me tomorrow or this afternoon? What if I started to ask myself how I could make her life easier, to make her life flow more smoothly, to help her to reach her goals?

What if I started showing up in the present for her.

My future self loves to wake up to a tidy kitchen. So instead of leaving the dirty dishes for her in the morning, what if I did them before I went to bed?

My future self loves to wake up with a clear head. So what if I passed on the wine and made sure I was in bed by 10 pm so she could wake up fresh?

My future self loves to start work feeling prepared on Monday mornings. So what if on a Friday afternoon I took the time to do the weekly review and prep everything ready for her?

My future self loves to have some energy left over at the end of the day. So what if I made sure I stayed hydrated and took the breaks needed so she could have some energy left over at the end of a long day?

Showing up for my future self has helped me to do the things that I don't FEEL like doing, the things I don't WANT to do, but I know are good... I do them simply because it's for her.

What if we simply asked ourselves what our future selves needed? And we did that.

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