Day 30: Reflecting on 30 Days Of Shipping

Gardening is the ultimate act of patience

A few weeks ago my cousins and I were visiting my grandma where we spent an afternoon wandering through her garden and stealing clippings to take home to our own gardens. Established frangipani's, birds of paradise, and a host of other gorgeous plants.

Her garden didn't magically appear that fine Saturday. She has tended to it over the years to make it the established garden that it is. Planting, watering, pruning. Gardening is the ultimate act of patience. What you plant today might take decades to bear fruit.


Let that sink in.


We view time so linearly. Bound by cause and effect. Take action and a reaction happens. But nature doesn't work in exactly the same way. A tree that looks dead in the winter, magically comes back to life in spring. If you judged it in the winter you'd probably cut it down and start again. Nature works in cycles and it plays the long game.

Today is day 30 of Ship 30 for 30. I wonder how people are reflecting on the last 30 days. Did it meet your expectations? Maybe you were expecting more followers or more reach or even to go viral. And you wonder if it's worth it to continue.

But 30 days is nothing when you think in decades.

I had a call from an old client the other day, he had a lead for me. We haven't talked in 3 years. But because of the relationship I sowed over the last decade, I was his first call.

Don't discount the things you are doing today just because they don't bear fruit today (or tomorrow).

Patience is your ultimate friend on the road to true success.

Think in Decades. Make patience your friend. Tend to your garden.

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