Day 29: Stop The Endless Clipping

The amount of information to consume on the internet is wild. With the click of a button we fill up our personal knowledge management systems with all the latest articles, videos, podcasts, tweets, highlights and more, promising ourselves that we'll get to that list... one day.

We clip because we fear we might miss out on an important article. We highlight because we don't want to forget some important point in a book. We ask Readwise to save that Tweet for later in case it falls down the black hole of all the other content that is whizzing on by.

We have information FOMO.

What would happen if we didn't clip that article, or save that tweet? Would it be the end of the world? Nope. Would there be another one to clip in a few second's time? Yep. Information is growing at an alarming rate, and no matter how many new web clippers and save for later tools we build, we are always going to feel behind.

Let's drop the guilt of not capturing everything

You have limited time and resources. So, rather than capturing everything because we fear we might miss out, be ruthless about what you allow into your knowledge management system. The less you capture, the more intentional you can be with that information. You can slow down, enjoy and really have time to think and process - rather than just rushing onto the next thing.

Create a ruthless filter for what you clip:

👉 Does this resonate? Why?

👉 Does this relate to my areas of interest?

👉 How would I feel if I didn't see this again?

👉 Can this help in my own writing and output?

Give up the unnecessary for the sake of the greater good. Kill Your Darlings, darling.

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