Day 28: When You're Tempted To Quit

I went back to the gym today after about 6 weeks away. I've been sick, I've been busy, and a million other reasons why.

I saw a friend who quite obviously has been consistent. She looked AMAZING. There's no secret diet or workout, the secret to her success? She's simply been consistent.

Which reminds me of another story.

A few years ago I started a youtube channel. I published over 60 vlogs in a year. It was an experiment in documenting my self-improvement efforts. At the end of that year of vlogging, I decided the medium was too time-consuming.

So I stopped.

Recently, I came across a friend of mine's channel who started at the same time as me and has continued. He now has 38k subscribers.

He's just another creator out there sharing his passion and doing it consistently. No tricks, No hacks. Just pure consistency.

How many things could you have been a master at by now if you didn't give up? If you didn't get bored. If you didn't talk yourself out of it? If there wasn't some shiny new thing calling you in a different direction?

We so often quit before our biggest breakthrough. We try something and it doesn't appear to work or it's too hard, so we give up. Our microwave society has led us to believe that everything can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Next time you're tempted to quit, think about what it would feel like in 3 or 6 or 12 months time if you didn't give up right now.

Real success is the result of your consistent actions compounding over time.

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