Creating Time & Space To Be Creative With Ce Now

Creating Time & Space To Be Creative With Ce Now

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I'm talking with Ce Now in this episode who I first met when I joined ship 30 for 30. We connected on so many similar ideas from taking creative action, to stopping mindless consumption, to coming with a playfulness to our creativity and lives.

She has been on a journey for the last couple of years to rediscover her creativity and it was throughout COVID she started to give herself permission to step out of the busy-ness and make time and space to create. But no matter what she tried there was always more planning than there was doing.

Through participating in ship30 she discovered that even a few days of consistently doing and creating can wipe out years of passive planning. Planning to be creative doesn't make us more creative, only being creative makes us more creative.

The act of publishing content and producing puts you in a different mindset. It stops mindless scrolling in it's tracks and you no longer are building a shrine to your notes. Those notes become a conduit for what you are creating.

Be sure to go over and follow her on Twitter for some amazing insights on creativity and follow her journey as she continues to explore creativity in her life and work.

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