Content Calendars Are For Marketers. Here's What Creators Need Instead…

Content Calendars Are For Marketers. Here's What Creators Need Instead…

Despite pumping out generous amounts of content everyday I don't work to a content calendar.

In the marketing world, content calendars are king. Because you have a product that needs selling. But as a creator, I AM THE PRODUCT. I can afford to be more curious, to follow my interests and the signals that come back on the content I produce.

So instead of planning out elaborate content calendars that I probably will ignore, I use a content pipeline to build a bank of content I can pick from to publish each day.

Here's what my creator content pipeline looks like:

Bank Ideas. As long as I am engaging in my idea generators ideas come to me all the time and I dump them in my Writing Hub. My main idea generators are engaging on Twitter, Notes from my library & conversations I have with people. When an idea strikes I dump everything I'm thinking about it in my notes app.

Create An Up Next Pile. Once a week I go through the big list of ideas and find ones that spark my interest and move them into my up next pile. I don't add target dates or anything like that, it's just an intention to publish them in the week.

Work Peripherally. My Up Next List stays pinned in my Roam Research Sidebar to keep it top of mind. Rather than try and write in big lifts, I steal moments throughout my day to move different essays forward. I always have essays at different stages of completion. And it doesn't take much to get any one of them published that day.

Having options & following my interests means I'm almost always excited about what I'm writing & publish on that day. Rather than just pushing out content because it was on a 'calendar.'

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 7th April 2022 in (PRO) Creator