Congratulations šŸŽ‰ You Have A Word Of The Year. Now What?

Congratulations šŸŽ‰ You Have A Word Of The Year. Now What?

OK, you've got your word of the year locked in, now what?

If you're like most people you'll toss it in a drawer somewhere and forget about it until December when you're choosing a new word and you wonder...

What was my word again for this year?

I've definitely seen people manifest their word without giving it a second thought throughout the year, but that is rare.

I've been choosing a word of the year for at least the last 7 years and over that time I've developed particular ways that I lean into it and give it focus throughout the year.

30 Day Experiments. I've written about 30-day experiments before & even have a 30-day experiments guide + tracker. But basically, I brainstorm a heap of experiments that I think might get me closer to manifesting my word. And then I spend the year testing them 30 days at a time. Some work, others don't that's why they are experiments.

Document The Process. If you haven't realised it by now, I am an over-sharer. I use social media to share what I'm doing & learning about my word throughout the year. One year I documented all my experiments on Instagram, another year I started a vlog about the progress I was making. I use public accountability to my advantage and build myself in public.

A Lens For What I'm Consuming. I seek out books, articles & podcasts that give focus to my word theme. That way everything I'm consuming throughout the year is purposefully focused on my word.

Instead of letting your word languish in the bottom of a drawer, lean into it by keeping it front & centre of your activities and your focus.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 5th January 2022 in Personal Operations