Building A Command-Line For Your Brain

Building A Command-Line For Your Brain

Can I get my brain to work on command?

This morning I had a pretty big presentation to work on. It had been a roadblock all week. It was going to take some serious deep work time to complete it.

Similar to a computer command, I follow a ritual that gets me into Deep Work mode.

Mostly it happens on auto-pilot, but because I've also been experimenting with interstitial journaling this week, I decided to create a prompt in Roam that would walk me through the ritual. Kind of like invoking a computer command, but for my brain.

So I hit and up jumped my deep work command:

  • Put headphones on
  • Start playlist
  • What's The First Action:
  • Set Timer

It worked! 90 minutes later I had a complete presentation.

This got me thinking about other commands I might be able to invoke to help my dear brain along.

The Procrastination Buster

Whenever I catch myself procrastinating i just hit and the command runs:

  • Identify Current Roadblock:
  • What's The Next Action:
  • Give Yourself A Reward:
  • Set Timer, Get Set, GO!

This helps me get back into action pretty quickly (& the reward works great)

Overcome Overwhelm

Every now and then I get all up in my head and overwhelmed about all the things I need to do. If that ever happens, i can hit and the command runs:

  • Brain Dump:
  • What is most important right now?
  • Switch States: 5 Mins Breathwork

This helps get everything out of my head and out of fight or flight mode.

You don't need to be using Roam, or even a computer. Just identifying the commands is super helpful for your brain to get into the state it needs.

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