Avoiding Creative Kryptonite, Ev's Guide To Napping, and The Incredible Power Of Writing In Public

Avoiding Creative Kryptonite, Ev's Guide To Napping, and The Incredible Power Of Writing In Public


Welcome to The Weekly 3x3 By Ev | Edition 15 🎉

I feel like every week I tell you it's been a busy week, but this week has been a busy week! My Article on How To Write Your First Permanent Notes In Zettelkasten was a definite hit with over 1000 people reading it!

The Pre-Launch went live for the Focus Hub System. It's the system I've built over the last 18 months to get not just more done, but better things done. Check it out and grab the pre-launch price. Launching 4th October.

October will also be the last ship30for30 cohort in 2021. To say it's been life-changing for me is an understatement. Hands down it's been the catalyst for the rebirth of my creator life this year. If you want to come and join us use this link to get $50 off your enrolment.

Now, let's dive into this week's newsletter...

⚡️ 3 Things I Created.

This week I penned a guide on How To Take A Nap which was really fun, I wrote about My Kryptonite As A Creator and why it's a blessing and a curse at the same time. If you're a creator you can probably relate. And lastly, a quick essay on Why Writing In Public is the only way I know how to write now.

💻 3 Things I Consumed.

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

[ARTICLE] 5 Common Misconceptions About the Zettelkasten Note-Taking Method

A great article by Brooke Harrison that mirrors so many of my thoughts about Zettelkasten. There are so many misconceptions and perspectives on the system itself that she clears up.

[VIDEO] Writing Twitter Threads, 101 with George Mack, Dickie Bush, and Nicolas Cole

! am so grateful to Dickie & Cole for bringing these amazing creators into the community. If Twitter Threads still eludes you, this is a great video with George Mack on how to get started writing threads. Well worth a watch.

👉 Read here

[ARTICLE] Why Emma Chamberlain is the New Casey Neistat

I really dived into video content this week and this video was GOLD. It's from a few months ago but came up in my Youtube Feed. Colin and Samir talk about the rise of the Relationship Creator v the Idea creator. It really got me thinking about why people follow creators and why I can write about naps one day and systems the next and people are ok with that.

👉 Read here

🐦 3 Tweets I Bookmarked This Week

A great reminder from my friend Joe Lurie that reminded me that life is just a series of practices.

Miko expresses something that a lot of us creators deal with (even me!) - the endless pace of creating. I don't have answers except that we all need to find our own pace.

A reminder from Naval that being a creator is the highest form of leverage in our modern-day world...

Till next week superstars,


PS. I love to connect with people. Reach out to me on Twitter DM, send me a voice message on Yac and let's chat.

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