An Inconvenient Truth

I always dreamed of living near the beach.

I didn't grow up living near the beach. Until a few years ago I lived in the western suburbs of Sydney an hour's drive from the beach. Yet from a quick scroll through my Instagram feed you wouldn't know it.

I was at the beach for sunrises every week. Sometimes waking up at 4:30am in the summer to catch a glimpse of the sunrise and go for a swim.

These days I live just 10 minute from the beach.

And people comment all the time on my photos saying this like 'I wish I lived near the beach and could wake up to sunrises like that.'

The reality is that I was waking up to sunrises like that long before I lived near any beach. I don't chase sunrises because I live near the beach. I chose to chase sunrises way before it was convenient or easy.

Wishing and dreaming of sunrises is a choice. Waking up at 4:30am to catch a sunrise is a choice. It's your choice to keep wishing and dreaming or to make a decision to take action before you feel ready.

What you're not changing, you're choosing.

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