An Atomic Guide: How To Get Started Experimenting On Yourself

I don't build habits, I perform experiments. I wrote that almost 50 days ago and you guys are still going crazy for it.

Whether it's in an essay or a real-life workshop, every time I speak about my 30-day experiment mindset it resonates with people. Maybe it's something to do with the fact it's less pressure and it's also more playful?

So here's my atomic guide to getting started running 30-day experiments:

  1. Choose a FOCUS area. Each year I choose a word of the year that guides what I want to focus on. This year my word is High Vibe ☀️. So my experiments are centered around raising my energy and vibration.
  2. Select Your Experiments. Brainstorm a whole list of experiments around your focus area. Keep it simple - something that you can do daily. Change happens daily and you'll be amazed by how small things compound over time.
  3. Set a start date. Don't just dive in headfirst. That's a recipe for disaster. Choose a date you will start, set yourself up for success by getting everything you need ready. Preparation is the key to success.
  4. Make a Commitment. Set your start date, write down your commitment to yourself and sign it. It's a contract with yourself to commit.
  5. Document The Journey. Want to 10x your public accountability. Choose a documentation platform. Record videos, post your progress daily to social media, create a public Notion page with your progress.
  6. Complete A Review. After 30 days look back and do a review. Ask yourself how you felt, was this sustainable, do you want to continue. Then continue or choose something else.

And finally, don't worry if you miss a day. It's not a reason to give up entirely. Just commit to completing your 30 days.

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