A Three Step Guide To Organising Your Roam Research 'Brain’

A Three Step Guide To Organising Your Roam Research 'Brain’

When I first started using Roam Research I didn't get.

I had come from a very rigid system that required a lot of processing and maintenance. And suddenly I was staring at a blank page wondering how on earth is this going to be better at organising my brain?

A year in and I'm hooked on this dark art of connections, tags & daily pages. But it can quickly become a mess that doesn't make sense (just like our brains I suppose).

So I use two pillars in my notes system to make sure I can find everything again in an instant.

Tags. I have a few tags that I use to make sure that I'll be able to find things I dump in my daily page regularly. One of these is Which is any idea I have for content. I then pair that tag with a content type tag like By using this combo I can easily find content ideas again when I'm ready to start writing.

Queries. I use queries to quickly search combinations of tags that i need to find quickly. For instance when I want to find all my essay ideas I have a query that finds and but not the tag I can easily scroll through and find something to write about.

BONUS 🎉 Templates. If you really want to skyrocket how quickly you can get things into your capture systems, set up templates that automatically add the tags you need, so you don't have to think about it and can focus on the ideas.

By using these three pillars I can quickly & easily dump everything into my daily page quickly, forget about it and know that it will be there later when I need it.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 6th September 2022 in Atomic Note-Taking