A Peek Inside My Tana Daily Page Template For 2023

A Peek Inside My Tana Daily Page Template For 2023

In today's video, I take you behind the scenes into the inner workings of my daily page. After 3 months of using Tana, I've got some things that are working really well and a few things that need adjustment.

This is my daily page template going into 2023. I expect it to change throughout the year and that is all part of the fun of building in tools for thought.

Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:52 Week, Month & Day Logs 03:09 Quick Capture 3:33 Reminders 04:00 Schedule & Tasks 08:54 Wellbeing Tracker 09:30 Task Inbox 10:47 What's Not Working 11:16 New Things I'm Working On 12:35 Agendas 13:35 Why I Use Fields Not Nodes

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Posted as a Video on 24th December 2022 in Personal Operations