5 Ways To Repurpose Your Content Library

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I've been able to build a pretty epic library of content over 30 short days. And I plan to continue writing daily. I truly believe the atomic format is THE best way to get ideas out of your head and into the world - FAST.

That doesn't mean that atomic essays are the ONLY format you have to lock yourself into. But they should be the FIRST content you write.

Atomic Essays are just the beginning

Atomic essays are the first step to develop a new idea. You write you publish, and then the ideas germinate and grow as they are exposed to the world. But what do you do once they are published? Do they just sit in your library? That's where repurposing comes in.

Here Are 5 Ways I'm Considering Repurposing My Content

  • Write Longer Articles. I'd like to develop longer articles based on essays that really resonated.
  • Extract tweetables. The great Twitter accounts have the best one-liner tweets. I want to extract some of my best and use them for Twitter content.
  • Create visuals. I am in awe of some of the great visual accounts on Twitter and I'd love to explore how I can take my atomic content and turn them into visuals.
  • Voice. I'd love to see how I can use voice to express some of my best ideas.
  • Video. Turning some of my essays into easily consumable videos might be the way to go.

I wouldn't be able to produce any of this content if it wasn't for writing atomic essays FIRST.

If you're not keen on continuing the daily pace of publishing daily, repurposing your content might be the perfect way to continue to publish daily, without having to write every day.

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