5 Podcasts I Guarantee You're Not Subscribed Too, But Should Be

5 Podcasts I Guarantee You're Not Subscribed Too, But Should Be

I'm partial to a podcast here and there 🎧

And as much as I love listening to podcasts from my global family, there is nothing like going for a walk on a Saturday morning listening to the soothing tones of an Aussie πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί female podcaster. Here are my TOP 5 list of fav Aussie Girl Podcasts

How I Work with Dr Amantha Imber is my GO TO podcast when I need some productivity motivation. She interviews some of the most interesting people and takes us behind the scenes of... How They Work. My recent favourite episode was with radio breakfast host, Sammy J.

Wild with Sarah Wilson (of I Quit Sugar fame) always brings me back down to earth and reminds me what's really important. My favourite episode is with Tim Brown, Sarah's meditation teacher - so many good takeaways.

Hear Me Raw with Lisa Messenger is just HOT. Lisa has some of the most inspirational guests from many different fields. One of my favourite episodes is her conversation with Jess Scully, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney on how to be a creative superwoman.

No Filter with Mia Freedman always provides me with some interesting conversations. In a recent episode, she tasks with Nene King who is Australia's most successful magazine queen.

And it wouldn't be an Aussie girl podcast roundup without Fierce Girls by ABC Radio where I am constantly inspired by the stories of Australian girls who dare to do things differently. A recent episode with Julia Gillard (our first and only female prime minister) is a must-listen.

If you're sick of the same old podcasts, I'd recommend any one of these in a heartbeat.

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