5 Mistakes Early Stage Creators Make That Are Holding Them Back

I've been shipping for 99 days and 3 cohorts. Here are some mistakes I see early shippers making.

  • Not shipping. Letting that voice in your head tell you it's not good enough, not well thought out, needs to be researched more.
  • Not trusting the process. I see a load of questions every cohort about WHY we do certain things. I see value in questioning, but also 1000+ other people have been where you are, so trust the process for the first 30 days and then experiment.
  • Getting caught up in prettying their essays. Sure I have a nice-looking essay now. But my mantra throughout my first 30 days was ship30 then focus on the design.
  • Thinking the only feedback is critical writing feedback. Writing feedback is good, but every like and every comment IS THE FEEDBACK. It's all a signal for what resonates with your audience.
  • Stopping at the end of 30 days. In my experience, ALL the magic happens after 30 days. That's where real creators are made. When the noise dies down and everyone else has decided this daily writing thing isn't for them.

All this to say sure conversations about what system you use, and your template and publishing chats are fine. But don't let them be a distraction from what you signed up for - the shipping

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