4 Ways To Make The Most Of The Next 30 Days Of Shipping

4 Ways To Make The Most Of The Next 30 Days Of Shipping

Today 600+ people will start their digital writing journey.

There's always a buzz in the air when a new cohort of ship30for30 sets sail. I lost track a while ago, but I suspect this is about my 11th cohort & I still love day 1 more than anything.

Day 1 can bring so many different emotions hope, excitement, nervousness and even a little fear.

But it's also the start of an amazing journey that is going to take you to places that you never imagined. It might be a little scary to put yourself & your ideas out into the world, but I've never regretted a day I've hit publish.

So if today is your day 1 (or you day 378) here are a few tips from an old-hand shipper:

Trust The Process. There are a lot of other people who have travelled these waters before you successfully. Trust in the process of what you're learning. It will all reveal itself in time.

When In Doubt. Hit Publish. Some days you'll feel invincible, others it will feel hard. Whatever you feel, just hit publish. It's better to get something out than nothing and getting used to that is part of the journey.

Embrace The Edge. It won't be all sunshine and rainbows. But hard things are good for you. Embrace the feeling of leaning into your edge & pushing yourself beyond your boundaries. It'll be worth it.

Enjoy The Journey. In my experience, the people who actually enjoy the process are the ones who get to the first 30 day finish line and then continue to write beyond that. Relish in the process of writing, developing your ideas & publishing.

And if you feel yourself getting wobbly or wanting to jump overboard - reach out. Your captains & admirals have been where you are & we are all here cheering you on.

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