4 Powerful Reasons To Start Creating Content Online

4 Powerful Reasons To Start Creating Content Online

It seems everyone is about content marketing these days...

10 Years ago I was banging on to business owners about content marketing. To me, it seemed so simple. Create content, attract an audience of loyal people, and they buy from you as a result.

Except in 2010, it was a hard sell. Where are my leads? Why does this take so long? I don't have time to create content! So I stopped talking about content marketing & I started talking about sexier things like Facebook Ads & marketing automation.

And for a while, that worked. Until Facebook Ads began to suck. And now we are realising that creators & influencers who doubled down on content & took the time to build audiences (essentially playing the long game) are the ones who have an unfair advantage now.

So whether you're a business owner or a creator - I think it's undeniable that content opens doors. Here's why.

Content Scales You. When you create content for the internet, be it videos, writing, or audio, it is created once and consumed many times over. You can scale yourself and your message by being on multiple phones & devices all at one time.

Content Qualifies You. The more you write about something the more you are perceived as an expert. Keep banging on about the things that matter to you, the things you are learning and people will notice you.

Content opens up opportunities. Content makes way for you into places you never dreamed you'd get into. Whether it's a podcast guest you never thought would reply back to you , or a dream job opportunity that landed in your inbox.

Content compounds over time. Content is a long game strategy, but the longer you play the game the more powerful it becomes.

The good news is that content is not going away, it's only just ramping up. Is it about time you jumped in?

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