4 Notion Workspace Principles Inspired By My Kitchen

I spent my Sunday re-orginising my kitchen.

Things were out of control, there was stuff everywhere and I was having a hard time finding things. A few hours later I had a beautiful space once again. It got me thinking about how I organise. You see, how I organise my kitchen is how I organise everything in my life... and also how I organise my Notion workspaces.

When it comes to anything in my life the number one rule is EASE. If it's not easy, I won't do it. So here are four principles that I discovered when organising my kitchen that also apply to my Notion workspaces.

Everything within easy reach. I like to create space for everything, so nothing is crammed together and it's easy to reach everything. Same with Notion. Everything is easy to access, nothing is hidden away.

Everything on display. I have an open pantry. I like to see everything, I like to be able to grab it quickly. When you can't see it, you forget it exists. Same with Notion. I'm not a fan of switching views. I like all my database views on display.

Everything in its place. I like to group similar things together in the pantry. Everything for baking together, spices together, sauces together. It's the same in Notion. I have all my writing together, all my reading together, all my weekly agendas together.

A space I want to spend time in. My kitchen is not just functional, but also beautiful. It's a place I actually want to spend time in and cook in. And it's the same when it comes to Notion. I create spaces that look amazing, so I want to spend more and more time there.

Using these four principles means you'll be building spaces (in life and in Notion) that are not only insanely useable, but also spaces where you want to be in.

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