30 Days To Raise Your Energy & Vitality

30 Days To Raise Your Energy & Vitality

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been setting goals, making resolutions, tracking habits for as long as I can remember. Drink 2 litres of water, track calories, 30 days of mindfulness & the list goes on. But why is it that some days I’m on point with my habits and goals feeling like I could take over the world, and other days I’m falling in a heap and don’t have the capacity to cook a healthy meal?

This year I choose High Vibe as my word of the year. Over the last month as I’ve talked to people about it, I’ve realised there are a lot of different perspectives on what it means.

But for me, it only means one thing: To Raise My Energy.

High Vibe Raising my energy in 2021

We live in a world were most of us are exhausted, most of the time & we don’t even know it.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep we are bombarded with notification, messages, noise and literally no down time.

We have processed the crap out of food to make it convenient for our on the go lifestyles - but it has no nutritional value whatsoever.

We give ourselves jolts of energy to try and survive through coffee or energy drinks or pre-workout powders but come crashing down as quickly as we were up.

We’re constantly looking for quick fixes and miracle cures because we don’t have the energy to do the things that will actually get us out of this exhausted state for good.

There’s a good reason that you constantly miss the mark on that habit your trying to build. When you're exhausted you can’t make hard choices.

Exhaustion is not just being physically tired. On days where I’m most exhausted it’s not because I’ve physically worked hard all day. It’s days where I’ve been on zoom workshops and am totally depleted of emotional energy.

And when I’m depleted of energy at the end of the day, what do I do? I cave & make choices not in line with my intentions. I open a bottle of wine, grab some chocolate and binge Netflix until 2am because in my head I’ve convinced myself that I deserve it because it’s been a hard day.... But that only means I sleep terribly and wake up even more depleted of energy.

Looking back after a particularly hard day, it’s not the activities I did that made me exhausted it’s usually that I didn’t drink enough water, I didn’t have time to eat something nourishing, I didn’t sleep well or not enough of it.

Health & Energy are inextricably linked. If we are not meeting our very basic metabolic needs, then we certainly won’t have the energy to accomplish our goals or make the hard decisions needed to get there.

To raise your energy you need to have your foundations of health right. And by right I mean consistently doing them. Eating a salad one time isn’t going to raise your energy. Drinking water for a couple of days isn’t going to give you a jolt of energy like coffee. But doing these things consistently is going to compound and make a MAJOR difference over time.

And maybe that’s why we tend to neglect these basics and gravitate towards quick fixes.

The basics are boring.

The basics are hard.

The basics aren’t sexy

The basics aren’t instant

The basics need consistency to work over time.

But the basics work to establish a baseline of energy in our lives that then helps us to make moves on other habits and goals in our lives.

So, while we’re still in the first part of the year I’m going to spend the next 30 days doing an experiment of hitting my four baseline energy habits each day. And finding out at the end of the 30 days if getting these four things right really does increase my baseline energy.

My Four Baseline Energy Habits Include:

  • Move My body for at least 30 minutes everyday, #move30
  • Eat a good diet of mostly vegetables and anything that comes from the earth #earthfood
  • Drink 2l of water everday #hydrate2
  • Sleep at least 7 hours every night #sleep7

I’ll be tracking each of these habits in my ⚡️High Vibe Energy Tracker in notion, which I’ll link below so you can see how I’m going each day - gotta keep myself extra accountable. Each day will automatically update with my progress. You can also follow me on Instagram to see my progress each day.

Want to join me? Let’s experiment together. I’m certainly not some kind of health expert, just a girl who likes doing experiments on herself. So, let’s experiment together. 👉 Click here to download the tracker into your notion workspace and let’s track our baseline energy habits for 30 days and see the results. Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know you’re in.


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