3 Ways To Use Twitter Without Losing Your Mind 🤯

I joined Twitter in July 2008. It's been a love/hate ever since.

I came back in December last year after about a year off and have been having the best time. But Twitter can itself be a HUGE rabbit hole and consume a lot of time.

I've been able to settle into a nice cadence that creates engagement and growth without taking over my life. Here's what I do.

3 Tweets Daily. I've found this to be my sweet spot. One of these is my atomic essay and the other two are repurposed content from previous essays. I try to mix it up between a question, listicle, quote or other type of content.

Schedule Tweets. I've been against scheduling in the past because it felt impersonal. But I'm also busy throughout the day and forget to do regular posting. So, I've been choosing two tweets from my idea library the night before and scheduling them using Hypefury. Then when I'm on Twitter, I'm focused on engaging, rather than wondering what to Tweet about.

Use Lists. I actually love my main feed for discovering new people, but I try and keep specific lists for people I want to deliberately engage with. I've got lists for different topics like Notion, Zettelkasten, and Ship30 people. This means I don't lose them in the endless flow of the Twitter algorithm.

You don't have to give up your Twitter growth because it's too time-consuming. Find a workflow for you and if the above works, feel free to steal it.

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Come join the conversation on Twitter, it's much more fun with friends.

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