3 Reasons I Gave Up Youtube For Writing

I've been creating online since I was 18.

A few years ago I started a Youtube channel. Everyone was vlogging at the time and it was THE platform to be on. Over a year I filmed and published over 60 vlogs, including a 30 day period of vlogging every day.

I learned so much. How to be comfortable on camera, how to film in public, how to edit videos. I met incredible people. I built up a library of videos on my channel.

But ultimately I gave it up.

I loved the process of creating & sharing my thoughts. But vlogging takes over your life. It's time-consuming AF. If you think writing an atomic essay is every day is hard. Try vlogging.

I knew video was a powerful medium as a creator, but it wasn't my medium.

Here's why I gave up Youtube for writing

  1. Writing is my first medium. I feel comfortable on the keyboard, getting my thoughts out. For me everything starts with writing - even a video script.
  2. Writing is less time-consuming. It takes me 30 minutes to write and publish an atomic essay, compared to a few hours for a vlog.
  3. I can publish 10x more. Because it takes me less time to write an essay, I can publish 10x more content on the internet by writing than by doing video.

Does that mean I'll never go back to Youtube. Nope. I plan on finding a cadence that works for me. Because words, voice and video are all powerful mediums and bring a different level of connection with your audience.

But words will always be my first medium.

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