3 Lessons Strength Training Taught Me About Consistency

3 Lessons Strength Training Taught Me About Consistency

Strength training has taught me more about consistency than any other thing I've done in life (including growing as a creator).

The other day my trainer programmed inverted rows (under a low bar and pulling/rowing up). Every time I've attempted them before I have had to do them in batches. So when she said 15 reps I yelled an expletive in my head.

But to my utter surprise, that day I got under the bar and pumped out 15 in a row and then yelled 'I DID IT.'

What I've realised about habits, skills, progress and growth in life is that if you just keep going eventually you 'get it' despite how hard it feels.

Yeah it's hard as hell in the beginning and you convince yourself over and over that you can't do it, it's too hard, I'm not made to do this, this is bad for me.

But the more you program yourself to just keep going one day it all clicks together.

Here are three lessons I've learned from strength training you can use to apply to any area you want to grow in 2023.

Get a trainer. Left to my own devices I'd just give up to the voice in my head telling me it's too hard. But every session she pushes me just a little further with some gentle encouragement.

Push outside of your comfort zone. She never pushes me too much, but just enough to get me out of my comfort zone & digging into something deeper inside that she knows exists. Drawing that out.

It doesn't get easier, you get stronger. No matter how hard something feels in the beginning if you keep going, eventually, you'll 'get it.' Strength training is still far from easy, but every day & every session I get stronger.

Don't give up at the first sign of something big hard. You'll be so proud the moment you 'get it.'

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