200 Days Of Creating, Showing Up On Hard Days & Why Laziness Is Good For Productivity

200 Days Of Creating, Showing Up On Hard Days & Why Laziness Is Good For Productivity


Welcome to The Weekly 3x3 By Ev | Edition 19 🎉

This week I had the exceptional honour to be a guest on the new Gumroad Podcast. I chatted to Justin Mikolay about Personal Knowledge Management, daily publishing & the journey of being a creator. It was really fun.

This week I also celebrated 200 days of creating! Yep, for the last 200 days I, have hit publish. It was quite the celebration with 200 lessons from 200 days of creating.

I also wrote about some of my best strategies for showing up on hard days, how to find flow & presence by closing the tabs in your brain, & forget a 3 hour weekly review... try my

Despite my fears that I wouldn't have enough ideas to write threads, I'm absolutely loving experimenting with this new format. If you don't love the thread format, make sure you're following me on Medium as I'll be expanding on some of the best ones and publishing them over there each week.

💻 3 Things I Consumed.

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

[PODCAST] Book Writing With James Clear & Mark Manson

Hear how James Clear & Mark Manson spent years building audience and testing ideas before they even considered writing a book. Writing & testing your ideas in public is the new way of creating

👉 Read Here

[ARTICLE] Zero Percent Market Share

A super quick one from the sage that he is - Seth Godin. Two people in my circles shared this with me during the week. It puts a great perspective on the numbers we chase and how little we are actually able to reach.

👉 Read Here

[VIDEO] Anti-Fragile Writing

A great quick video about how to make your writing ant-fragile by introducing stressors. The concept is that anti-fragile things are made stronger by stressors, rather than break under them. I love the random focus generators he brings up every time he hits a roadblock in his writing.

🐦 3 Tweets I Bookmarked This Week

There were actually loads of good tweets I bookmarked this week, so you get a bonus one!

Jessica always makes me think differently and this thread was great about how we need to search outside our comfort zone sometimes to find what we're looking for.

Reem is one of my favourite follows on Twitter and she didn't disappoint with this short tweet. Create. Unapologetically. Dangerously. Selfishly. There is Room For You.

I'm constantly evolving my thinking around note-taking and this one from Alex McCaw caught my attention and I'm vibing it.

This was a great essay from Cole. The more you do something, the more you learn, the more data points you have to know what works.

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