How Failing Maths Turned Me Into A Creator

How Failing Maths Turned Me Into A Creator

Let me tell you a story that might help you understand me a little better.

I failed maths in my senior year (year 12 in Australia). Not because I'm bad at maths, but because my maths teacher couldn't explain to me how I would use Differential Calculus & the Second Derivative in real life.

His only answer was 'it's in the curriculum so you should do your work.

Sure I was defiant and a pain in his rear. But I was also serious about understanding WHY. Why should I give this my attention? Why should this be the way? Why is maths even compulsory as a subject?

He either didn't care or didn't have time to form an answer. And so I sat at the back of the class catching up on dear dolly articles (because my 17 years old self saw them as more helpful than calculus)

And I've been asking why ever since...

Which leads me to who I am today. Just a girl constantly questioning the status quo. If it's not useful & practical & 'lived out in your own experience' knowledge, I don't care for it.

You see, we are drowning in information every day. Information that most of us blindly take as gospel & assume is right because it's written in a book or on a screen (then we beat ourselves up when it doesn't work for us)

We deny our uniqueness, individuality and even worse our own experiences in favour of 'experts' opinions.

I'm also not denying there is a lot of good information out here. How could I? I put so much of it out myself. But what I am asking you to do is ask WHY.

Think for yourself. Don't take things at face value. Test everything with your own experience.

Above All, Trust Yourself.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 12th December 2022 in (PRO) Creator